SWG: Flurry

      jo, mit dem Wetter gehts mir auch so. Aber die Flaute über den Sommer war letztes Jahr auch schon auf Revelation so. Da sind immer weniger on weil ja jeder das Wetter ausnutzen will :)

      Und ich wüsste jetzt nicht, was ich auf Flurry vermissen sollte.
      Es gibt die NGE Häuser

      Es gibt 20x XP (wird bald runtergesetzt auf 10x)

      Man kann 4 Toons gleichzeitig online haben (wird bald auf 2 gleichzeitig runtergesetzt)

      es gibt NGE-Waffen als Loot (Stun-Dmg für TKA oder Pikeman)

      Aufgrund von höheren Loot-Chancen kann man noch ganz brauchbareSachen craften ohne das man Server Best Ressourcen benötigt

      Man kann Pod-Racer, BARC-Speeder und so sachen aus Containern und Briefcases Looten

      Es gibt recht oft PvE-Events und wenn man Discord nebenher laufen lässt muss ich sagen, es ist eine recht aktive und hilfsbereite Community!

      Sonorc schrieb:

      Sife-Dias schrieb:

      Sunruner geht im August online und der hat echt coole Sache implementiert

      und was genau?
      bzw wo steht es das Sie im August on gehen?

      swgsunrunner2.com/roadmap der postet im Discord Channel regelmässig neue Bilder ich habe mir einen Testaccount gemacht und mir die Planeten angeguckt.

      Ich sag ja nicht das Flurry schlecht ist
      Patch Notes from Flurry :D New Prof Spy und andere nette sachen dabei

      6/20/2017 Patch Deployed

      server has Been live for 6 months now that we are established we are
      making some small changes to further the longevity of the server.

      New XP system Toned down characters that can log in from 4 online to 2
      online per account. Increased 6 players per account to 8 players max.
      Per ip.

      (All players who have created a character on Flurry Before 6/20/2017 are labeled Legacy Players They keep there 20x XP values.)

      With our new XP system in place, New players can Pick what XP they would like to grind.

      can now choose 1x 5x or 10x XP at character creation. This XP value is
      bound to the character that has selected their XP. Each character can
      have different XP types if you choose They are bound only to that
      character that chooses.

      (Example You can have 3 characters with all different xp types if you wanted.)

      When we do our weekend double XP weekend bonuses these values will double for the player Meaning

      1 x will be 2x on weekends

      5 x will be 10x on weekends

      10 x will be 20x on weekends

      (Legacy Player Player created befor 6/20/2017)

      20 x will be 40x on weekends


      [Updated] Lowered Characters that can log in from 4 to 2 Online at any time.

      [Updated] Server code clean up

      [Updated] Radius Check for Kaas PvP zone increased

      [Updated] Notification Test When Staff Members Log In.

      [Updated] Force Regen Bonus When Meditating Double force Regen

      [Updated] All server Particle Objects

      [Updated] droid_pvp

      [Updated] oola_boss

      [Updated] All Jedi Force Ability Force Cost

      [Updated] Setpvp to only Set players overt. Trainers or death will put you on covert / onleave

      [Updated] Cloning Faction Checks upon death

      [Updated] grenade KD to Stun lowered grenade multipliers by 2.5

      [Updated] Throw trap Return Default Timer to 10 seconds after throwing the trap

      [Updated] Que commands for spy abilities

      [Updated] Dots and states on acid cone

      [Updated] More state and dot effects for acid single

      [Updated] Fast Blast States

      [Updated[ Melee area 3 dot sate adjustment

      [Updated] Fully auto dots and states effects

      [Updated] Melee state effects

      [Updated] Polearm stun states

      [Updated] ALL DWB NPC with new custom Loot for All the New Armor Changes.

      [Updated] City Ranks


      (CitizensPerRank) = 2, 4, 6, 8, 10)


      [Fixed] ALL Broken NPC Chance To Hit Targets

      [Fixed] Broken Guild Wars Pop Up making combat impossible

      [Fixed] Stun Layers to work with armor crafting

      [Fixed] Acid Layers to work with armor crafting

      [Fixed] Fixed Ris Crafted Armor Special Protection

      [Fixed] Fixed Mandalorian Crafted Armor Special Protection

      [Fixed] Fixed Bounty Hunter Crafted Armor Special Protection


      [Added] Increased Account Player max from 6 to 8 Characters per account

      [Added] Selectable XP at Character Creation. XP stick to the character
      you can chose 1x,5x,10x. Weekends these values will double

      [Added] Spy Trainer

      [Added] Spy Profession

      [Added] Custom InvisibleEvent Command

      [Added] Custom Invisible Skill Command

      [Added] Custom extraction Command

      [Added] Custom pistolwhip1 Command

      [Added] Custom pistolwhip2 Command

      [Added] Custom poisongascloud1 Command

      [Added] Custom poisongascloud2 Command

      [Added] Custom undergroundexplosion1 Command

      [Added] Custom undergroundexplosion2 Command

      [Added] Custom BactaJab Command

      [Added] Custom Spy Crafting Weapons

      [Added] Custom pistol_d66

      [Added] Custom pistol_dh18a_gcw

      [Added] Custom pistol_kyd21_generic

      [Added] Custom pistol_westar_34

      [Added] Custom pistol_intimidator

      [Added] Custom istol_rebel

      [Added] Custom pistol_de_10_generic

      [Added] Custom pistol_pvp

      [Added] Custom bhshield Command

      [Added] Slowed Speed When player is swimming

      [Added] Swimming checks when in combat

      [Added] Last check for jedi to fall off bounty boards once they logout. They are re added upon login

      [Added] Visibility checks to clear jedi off terminals once the jedi has logged out of the server fully

      [Added] Extra Checks to drop off offline Jedi off bh terms

      [Added] Invisible player checks to combat manager

      [Added] SWGEmu Refactored Channel Force Command / Task

      [Added] Increased Area Tracking from 512 to 1024 radius

      [Added] If isNeutral Checks for Kass Pvp Zone / Rori Rebel And imps can only Enter

      [Added] Destroyed Rori Restuss City PvP Zone

      [Added] Custom Refugee Camp To Restuss

      [Added] Imperial Com mission giver to Restuss City

      [Added] Rebel Com mission giver Restuss City

      [Added] Trigger Logic For Destroyed Restuss

      [Added] Trigger cast comment messages

      [Added] Checks to prevent players from exploiting the safe zones

      [Added] Improve Checks for zone entering and leaving

      [Added] 5th Inventory slot for sabers

      [Added] Cool down to bactajab

      [Added] PvP zone Medical Terminals

      [Added] Cloner to rori pvp safe zone

      [Added] Force Shrine to rori pvp zone for jedi cloning

      [Added] Working bazaar and bank to restuss PvP zone Items can be sold and bought off the bazaar

      [Added] Rebel / Imperial NPC to rori pvp zone

      [Added] Emporer hand to pvp zone on rori

      [Added] Saber throw 1,2,3, can now strip Force run from jedi As long as you are in 32meetrs in range of the target

      [Added] Warning shot now can fail to land. It can also Remove force run 1,2,3 The Skill has a 50% chance to land / Fail

      [Added] 4290 New Server objects objects Decorations, Items, Weapons Armor Vehicles ect ect Used for future content / loot

      [Added] 1842 npc mobile templates Added 301 new craftable ships

      [Added] Ability to remove dots with bactajab works only on the spy not other players. 15 second CD


      [Adjusted] Students of the force re-spawn time from 5 mins to 15 mins


      [Removed] Some start up errors

      [Removed] Broken Field Faction Checks

      [Removed] Extra Armor Templates. Finished Fixed stun and acid armor crafting

      [Removed] Is Kneeling Check in Sniper Shot Command

      Quelle: swgflurry.com

      [Added] Galactic Travel System Terminals To All Planets
      [Added] Combat Checks for the galactic travel system
      [Added] Fixed all 5th gen saber names.
      [Added] Spynet to starting zone


      [Updated] Emporer's Hand 5th Gen loot drop rate increased to 100%
      [Updated] Heal action self 1 health from 40 to 500
      [Updated] hellucard_screenplay.lua
      [Updated] Mos Eisley Reb /Imp /Neutral Mission terminals for start zone
      [Updated] Starting Zone Junk Dealers


      [Disabled] Global broadcast when entering the buff zone
      [Disabled] rori pvp zone broadcast
      [Disabled] Kaas PvP zone broadcast
      [Disabled] POI / Badge locations form Galactic system until Finished.
      [Disabled] Old GCW Transit system


      [Removed] Intimidate cooldown / stuck animation
      [Removed] Knockdown from warning shot


      [Adjusted] Shuttle timers to 60 seconds from 5 minutes
      [Adjusted] Starport timers to 60 seconds from 5 minutes

      Galactic Travel System

      You can find any Instant Travel terminal Infront of any Starports

      Toxic arbeitet gerade an einer neuen Instanz, Exar Kun instance. Hier ein paar Screens.
      • screenShot0108.jpg

        71,72 kB, 1.086×611, 145 mal angesehen
      • screenShot0110.jpg

        71,02 kB, 1.086×611, 150 mal angesehen
      • screenShot0114.jpg

        96,06 kB, 1.086×611, 148 mal angesehen
      Patch Notes:

      Jedi jewellery (JT-LST skill mods) disabled - an additional +5 LST added
      to Master Lightsaber and an additional +15 JT added to Defender spread
      out in the top/4th box of each line and Master box. - Drop and Relearn
      the Master boxs to receive the additions.

      Spy Profession buffed - Melee Damage Mitigation 3 and Panic Shot added
      to Master Spy, Bacta Jab(spy heal) improved in healing ability. Ranged
      Damage Mitigation 1 added to Spy Poisons 3 and Ranged Damage Mitigation 2
      added to Spy Master. - Drop and Relearn the Master boxs to receive the

      All Custom Npc/Creatures Damage and or Accuracy Reduced to suit the removal of Jedi Jewellery.

      Buff zone added to Naboo and Corellia - Medical buff potential increased
      in Coronet and Theed Cantinas to be on par with Mos Eisley Cantina.

      Janta Moon, Bloody, Chieftain and Janta King now have a small chance of dropping bloods/hides.
      Jedi jewellery loot group removed from locked containers - replaced with
      mando schems, bh schems and hologram decor item loot groups.

      Jedi jewelry loot group removed from Wandering Apprentices - drop rate on force bread increased.
      Adjusted cost of FA2 for Master Enhancer - FA2 more viable at Master Enhancer.
      Increased value of Force Resist States for Master Enhancer - Force Resist States more viable at Master Enhancer.
      Increased cost of Avoid Incap from 700 to 1200.
      Reduced amount drained from Drain Force from 100 to 50.
      Removed posture down from PolearmHit3.
      Reduced delay from Channel Force from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
      Visibility threshold lowered from 1500 - 500, jedi will now register on the terms at 500
      Crystals/Pearls now tune with decimal points