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      [quote = 'krzlfrx', 'https: //swgemu.de/index.php/Thread/214-SWG-Flurry/?postID=1889 # post1889'] I saw it again the other day. krzlfrx',' https: //swgemu.de/index.php/Thread/214-SWG-Flurry/?postID=1889 # post1889 '] I saw it again the other day. No player there, little in the bazaar. I then sent Sygnum. He said the admin was gone for a while. When he came back, he kicked out all CSR, reduced the size of the forum and deleted the discord. It looks like it's not much going on with the Sever. That's a pity.

      Krzl [/ quote]

      Hey sin, krzlfrx I had to take a leave of absence for a few months back then, family emergency When returning the dev team split to work on a private NGE source server. Flurry decided to move forward with a wipe and a fresh server put in place and managed by myself. Not teams this time to split or throw the development process off track. The server was rebranded and released as a Classic Retail Server. We have a roadmap in place that we update every day since re-launched. We have a new player tracking system Implemented and a lot of new group-oriented features to benefit and reward group play. If you and your friends want to check it out again. krzlfrx

      Flurry is a classic pre-combat upgrade server offering players the ability to play the game for how it what meant to be played back in the day on the official live servers. Relive the old classic days. Be apart of thriving interactive Star Wars galaxy community, where RPG comes to life, experience a free to play sandbox Emulator with endless opportunities, play with friends, build a community pvp, pve, craft, unlock secrets of the force, loot, chat , tame creatures, raise pets, entertain, join the galactic civil war, bounty hunt jedi, smuggle contraband, start a guild with friends, run your very own city as mayor! the list goes on, find your place in the galaxy today!

      Account limits
      1 account per ip
      2 Characters max per account
      1 Character online max per account

      Player Xp rates
      1x xp solo
      1.1x xp grouped
      1.2x xp scaled per person in the group "This only works if you are within 100m of your group fight, if you are not in range you want to receive the default Group bouns of 1.1x xp"

      Server launch date

      Main Website

      Main Forums

      Live server roadmap

      Live server Player Stats
      http://www.swgflurry.com/ stats / search.php? go

      live server Resource Map

      Galaxy Harvester Resource Integration

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