Combat - 4x

      Social - 7x

      Crafting - 4x

      Jedi - 1x

      GENERAL FIXESArmour Revamp

      All set's now craftable with high quality resists

      Reduced Crafting Time

      Player characters are always in a "buffed" state. No more waiting around for Doctor and Entertainer bots.

      No Anti-Decay Kits

      New Interactive Jedi Unlock system

      Improved loot tables

      Expectational and Legendries now have 1.2 and 1.3 modifier – No more “God” weapons ruining the balance in PVP

      Escort quests no longer require you to wait for the npc to walk 4000m at a slow pace. Just talk to them and return to sender.

      Mehr Info klick hier

      Der Server wird heute released mal schauen was er bieten kann wer lust hat kann Joinen